Eric Shah has been an athlete since day one, playing such sports as baseball, soccer, football, tennis, surfing and skateboarding.  He was also a professional ballet dancer and teacher for over 20 years.  After years of tearing, ripping, twisting, pulling, and breaking much of his body, Eric discovered a wide range of healing modalities which led to extensive study and accreditations.  He has been a manual therapist and movement educator now for over 22 years.


* Certified Advanced Rolfer™ 

* Certified Reflexologist

* Certified Massage Therapist

* Certified MELT Method®

* Certified Gyrotonic®

* Certified Pilates

* BA Speech Communication

* CranioSacral Therapy

* Somatic Experiencing


“As a chiropractor, I have had many patients ask me about Rolfing Structural Integration throughout the years. Admittedly I was always afraid because I had heard that it could be incredibly painful. I knew I had to try it in order to give my patients a more informed opinion. Eric quickly made me feel at ease and after ten sessions I literally felt as if I had previously been inside a zip lock bag and someone opened it up! It was amazing. I now refer patients to Eric on a regular basis because I know he will give them the highest quality of care.”

– Noelle Mercer, DC



“Eric has a great healing touch and my family and I have experienced huge benefits from his knowledge and care. When my son (then 9) was having re-occuring back pain, his problem was cleared in just a few sessions. Eric understood how to address the imbalance at the root. I, personally, have been through the Rolfing 10 series and have experienced CranioSacral Therapy with Eric and would recommend it to anyone with a suppressed or overactive nervous system. I can’t say enough good things about this work and the intelligence and intuition Eric brings to it.”

– Alexa Kershner, Dance Instructor



“Since working with Eric to release myofascial tension throughout my body, I have found relief from the aches I had attributed to normal aging.  I have experienced a rejuvenation in my posture, strength, and flexibility that I thought were a thing of the past.  I believe in Eric’s ability to help me live younger and better!”

– Edmund Lew, MD



“Eric was recommended to me by my GP at a time when my muscles were so tense I could feel my teeth. Within the first session, I could tell that ROLFing was working for me, and over the next ten sessions Eric was able to release more muscle tension than any form of massage has in the past. I owe him my health and my sanity, and will keep going every chance I get. Little known fact: It’s also great for reducing cellulite. It’s not the reason I looked him up, but I’ll happily take all the help I can get in that area. Every person I send Eric’s way has been thrilled with both him and his results and I can’t sing this man’s praises enough.”

– Carita Rizzo, Journalist