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Eric Shah


“Our choices determine the destiny of the world.  By making a choice, you alter the structure of reality.” 

~ Jordan B. Peterson


Eric Shah, proprietor, has been an athlete since day one, playing such sports as baseball, soccer, football, tennis, surfing and skateboarding.  He was also a professional ballet dancer, instructor, coach, mentor and choreographer for 30 years.  After years of tearing, ripping, twisting, pulling, and breaking much of his body, Eric discovered a wide range of healing modalities which led to extensive study and accreditations.  He has been a manual therapist and movement educator now for over 25 years.


* R☯︎lfing Structural Integration

* CranioSacral Therapy

* Visceral Manipulation

* Somatic Experiencing

* Massage Therapy

* Reflexology

* Pilates

* Gyrotonic

* Melt Method

* Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication



Specializing in biological surveys, habitat assessments, wetland delineation, and biological monitoring; Providing services to clients in Federal, State, and County agencies, private landowners, and public utility companies


Provides integrative manual therapy through the practice of Advanced Rolfing Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Somatic Experiencing, Reflexology, and movement education


Instructed Ballet; choreographed; coached and mentored dancers

OPERA COMPANIES I Throughout the USA | DANCER / ACTOR | (2010-2015)

Featured Dancer/Actor in the following companies: LA Opera, Seattle Opera, Arizona Opera, North Carolina Opera, New Jersey Opera

LA BODY CORE | Culver City, CA | OWNER / INSTRUCTOR | (2005-2015)

Instructed private clients in the modalities of Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yoga, MELT Method, and weight training


Instructed company class; directed rehearsals; commissioned work; choreographed; handled administrative duties

IL VORTICE | Florence, Italy | INSTRUCTOR | (2001-2003)

Instructed private clients in the modalities of Gyrotonic, BodyCode System, and Yoga; instructed Ballet; coached and mentored dancers; conducted dance and bio-mechanical workshops; handled international administrative duties

LA BODY KINETICS | Culver City, CA | INSTRUCTOR | (2000-2005)

Instructed private clients and group classes in the modalities of Pilates, Gyrotonic, BodyCode System, and Yoga


Performed as principal dancer; instructed Ballet, Pilates, and Gyrotonic; choreographed; directed rehearsals; coached and mentored dancers; co-directed summer intensive programs


“As a chiropractor, I have had many patients ask me about Rolfing Structural Integration throughout the years. Admittedly I was always afraid because I had heard that it could be incredibly painful. I knew I had to try it in order to give my patients a more informed opinion. Eric quickly made me feel at ease and after ten sessions I literally felt as if I had previously been inside a zip lock bag and someone opened it up! It was amazing. I now refer patients to Eric on a regular basis because I know he will give them the highest quality of care.”

– Noelle M, DC



“Eric has a great healing touch and my family and I have experienced huge benefits from his knowledge and care. When my son (then 9) was having re-occuring back pain, his problem was cleared in just a few sessions. Eric understood how to address the imbalance at the root. I, personally, have been through the Rolfing 10 series and have experienced CranioSacral Therapy with Eric and would recommend it to anyone with a suppressed or overactive nervous system. I can’t say enough good things about this work and the intelligence and intuition Eric brings to it.”

– Alexa K, Dance Instructor



“Since working with Eric to release myofascial tension throughout my body, I have found relief from the aches I had attributed to normal aging.  I have experienced a rejuvenation in my posture, strength, and flexibility that I thought were a thing of the past.  I believe in Eric’s ability to help me live younger and better!”

– Edmund L, MD



“Eric was recommended to me by my GP at a time when my muscles were so tense I could feel my teeth. Within the first session, I could tell that ROLFing was working for me, and over the next ten sessions Eric was able to release more muscle tension than any form of massage has in the past. I owe him my health and my sanity, and will keep going every chance I get. Little known fact: It’s also great for reducing cellulite. It’s not the reason I looked him up, but I’ll happily take all the help I can get in that area. Every person I send Eric’s way has been thrilled with both him and his results and I can’t sing this man’s praises enough.”

– Carita R, Journalist







“I highly recommend the entire series of Rolfing sessions with Eric!  Within two sessions, my debilitating hip pain was gone (which felt miraculous).  By the end of the ten sessions, not only were my aches and pains treated and my spine and hips aligned, I had gained a new awareness of my body and posture which gave me confidence to continue doing physically challenging work and exercise. Eric’s space and sense of humor is also delightful!”

– Helki F, Film Maker




“For me, rolfing has had more of an effect than massage therapy and yoga. Eric was able to un-lock my joints so that I can continue to improve through stretching and working out. I feel that he was able to “reset” my connective tissue so that massage, yoga, and other maintenance therapy is more effective.  I have had some back issues for a long time, and I have a mostly sedentary job, so my spine mobility hasn’t been great for a while. About half way through the initial set of ten sessions with Eric, I noticed my back and ribs moving again in ways they hadn’t since I was a teenager.  Eric is really easy to get along with and we always have fun discussions.”

– Robert T, Computer Scientist




I came to see Eric Shah because I’ve had chronic neck problems for years. He not only helped me with my neck issues, but he also helped release the tension I was carrying throughout my entire body. I feel more aligned, more energetic, and less stressed thanks to my Rolfing sessions with Eric.

– Erin M




“Simply the BEST
I started going to Eric over four years ago at the recommendation of my Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor.  I was encouraged by the idea that Eric only went as far as my body would allow, so at first very superficial.  As my body gained release and trust, it also allowed deeper work.  I was delighted to discover that the changes remained and were built on, rather than my body returning to its habitual gripping patterns.  So far, Eric has completely restructured my shoulders,  my kyphosis (dowager’s hump) is greatly reduced, my hips and feet are finally under me, and my gait has been vastly improved.  I go in once a week and have never looked back, the improvements keep on coming and I am72 years old, so pretty amazing.  Our only regret is that we didn’t document what I looked like at the beginning because the changes are so significant.  I could not articulate my feet and walked almost on my inner ankles and my feet landed like paddles when I walked.  My spine was stiff and I had little movement in my hips.  Now I have articulation in my feet beyond what my Pilates instructor ever hoped I would accomplish.  My entire body now moves as it should as I walk, there is movement in my spine and hips, I no longer stoop!  Well worth my investment of time, energy, and money.”

– Suzette S, Artist




“Eric is a Certified Advanced Rolfer with over 20 years of experience. I was referred to him by my chiropractor, who had also been his client. I did my first 10 series of rolfing in my 20s, my second 10 series in my 40s and now, pushing 70, I have just completed my 3rd set. This time with Eric. I wish he had been my rolfer the first two times! I never experienced pain or bruising with him as I had with other rolfers, yet feel more benefit from my work with him than with other rolfers. They are not all the same!! He has NO “healer ego” and is truly in service to his artful practice. His intuition is stunning. I had just laid on the table for my appointment today and without a word, he immediately started working on my left shoulder–which I have never had trouble with before. He relieved the pain I was having and I asked him how he knew–he just chuckled and said it was calling him. He is very intuitive, supportive and has helped me immensely. Who knew I didn’t know how to stand?? I really like him; he’s a great person and wonderful healer. I hope to always continue getting tune-ups!”

– DL




“I found Eric a few months ago after my client told me about him. I started having Rolfing done last year and really loved the results I was getting. I’m a hairstylist/triathlete/runner and was suffering from mobility issues and massages just seemed temporary. My only issue was the guy I found originally was waaaay far, so it just wasn’t sustainable to continue to go there. What I was looking for was someone who was into athletics only because I felt like they would know the body best. After my client told me about Eric I looked him up online and was pleasantly surprised he used to be a dancer. I also liked the overall vibe from his website. It wasn’t too new agey. Flash forward after a few months of appointments and I am very pleased with our sessions. He’s friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable and just makes you feel comfortable all around. So happy I found him! Thanks Eric for keeping me tuned up!”

– Jane B, Hair Stylist




“Eric is one of the best rolfers I know. I was in a near-fatal car accident over 40 years ago. So I am prone to getting out of alignment. I appreciate his skill in combination with his intuition. He helps me live a pain-free life while staying strong and agile. I’m so glad I found him.”

– Olivia R




“I began working with Eric a few months ago and have experienced superb results. More than any other body work I’ve tried, Rolfing has provided the most lasting release and delivers its promise of “structural integration.”  I’ve discovered that Rolfing isn’t painful– at least not with the skill and intuition of an advanced practitioner like Eric. I’m happy to report the mobility of my back and neck has improved dramatically from recent years!  I trust Eric. He’s extremely knowledgeable about body mechanics, energy work, and is certified in several other modalities (Pilates, Cranial Sacral, and more);  I appreciate the continual expansion of his knowledge, both for his clients’ benefit as well as his own enlightenment. Eric has also created an uplifting sunlit space which further enhances one’s experience. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed by this fine professional & person. Here’s to your health & healing!”

– Kk W




“When I decided to try rolfing, I was fortunate to be referred to Eric Shah. From the moment I spoke with him, Eric intelligently explained his process with calmness, and most importantly, kindness. He really takes time to understand your body, what it needs, and how best to address each issue. Rolfing isn’t yet mainstream, but after completing a few sessions, I knew this was a practice that I needed to take seriously. If you’re struggling with pain or with nagging issues that don’t seem to dissipate, I highly recommend calling Eric. Even if you’re not in discomfort, consider adding rolfing as an option for your body. It’s easy to turn to conventional methods like massage, but I’ve found rolfing to be much more effective. Plus, it gets to the root of an issue, so when you’re in pain, having that release of tension feels like such a relief. Furthermore, finding a practitioner who cares about your well-being, who makes you feel comfortable, and who’s an expert in his field is such a find.”

– Natasha B, Writer




“Eric really cares about his clients and always finds what is needing the most attention. There has been great change and improvement in how I feel and haven’t needed to go to the chiropractor since I’ve been seeing him.” 

– Joanie R


“Le tue visioni saranno chiare solo  Quando puoi guardare nel tuo cuore.  Che guarda fuori, sogni;  Che guarda dentro, risvegliato.” 

~ Carl Jung